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Expensive? Think again: affordable Security and Safety Systems for Homes

Expensive? Think again: affordable Security and Safety Systems for Homes

Expensive? Think again: affordable Security and Safety Systems for Homes

Your security and safety are your own business and responsibility. In our type of society where thieves and violent criminals are on the prowl, taking adequate security measures will definitely go a long way in protecting the people you love and care for as well as yourself. Apart from taking security precautions against criminals, there are other human and none human activities that can pose a significant threat to our collective existence. Fire hazard is one of such and this is also on the rise.
As we count the losses associated with these occurrences, it is pertinent to note that technology has made it possible for such incidences to be minimized or completely prevented.

Gone are the days when home security solutions were the exclusive preserve of the rich. In recent years, this has become a subject of necessity and not of luxury. The cost has gone down considerably as technology has improved significantly leading to better economics.You can get a full automation for as little as 500 Dollars compared to the millions it was in the past
Here are three affordable home security systems we may pause to consider for our homes:

Intrusion Alarm System:

The Burglar Alarm is basically a simple electric circuit built into an entryway. Burglar Alarms are of two basic types: Closed-Circuit System and the Open Circuit System. For the closed-circuit system, when the door is shut, the electric circuit is closed. This allows electricity flow from one end of the circuit to another. When someone breaks or opens your door when activated, the alarm goes off, signalling an intrusion. For the Open Circuit System, when the door is opened, the circuit closes, triggering an intrusion alarm. These are made available by some reputable Burglar Alarm companies in Nigeria one of which is PhilipCosby Home Automation, a leading home security and safety solution provider.


Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV):

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are not new to many of us, most especially people working at financial institutions. These are basically surveillance cameras that are used to monitor, take images as well as record activities going on within and around sensitive places. Usually, most especially within financial institutions or sensitive places, someone is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring the recordings captured by the CCTV, either for fraud prevention or to safeguard against attacks. The application of CCTV’s to your home is fairly simple, you just need to mount the cameras at strategic places within your home or surroundings, so you’d be able to monitor the activities going on within it.

Recent specifications now come with the ability to view locations from the comfort of your Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops etc.offering an extra layer of security and convenience.


Fire Alarm System (Carbon Monoxide Detector):

Fire protection is very vital. There’s a saying that there is no smoke without fire. Automatic fire alarm systems can be used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to summon emergency services, and to prepare for the control and the spread of such fire and smoke. Carbon monoxide-related deaths in the country have been on the increase, you may suffer from the harmful effects of these gases as a result of your own negligence or the recklessness of your neighbour. A Carbon Monoxide detector is designed to detect and alert the presence of smoke in your home.

We as a nation have witnessed the recent wave of home fires, despite the upgrade of the various fire service departments across the country.The time may just be expedient for us to look at the automation aspect of our fire organizations. If there is an automatic alert in place, this will go a long way in reducing the response time and invariably avert some of these needless incidences.
Lives can be saved, loss of properties worth millions of dollars can also be averted.
Remain safe!

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