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Airport Access Control: The Application of Biometrics

Airport Access Control: The Application of Biometrics

Airport Access Control: The Application of Biometrics

The increasing demand for air travel across countries and continents, together with rising customer expectations in terms of services and security has increased the need for constant maintenance of our air transport infrastructures. It is required that Airport operations and processes are improved to minimize passengers’ security threats.

Hence, secure Access Control has gained significant attention to solve the airport operational security/service issues. Bio-metrics-based access control is one of the innovative automated technology solutions that Airport operators are adopting to close these gaps, remain competitive and create improved Airport experience for the future.

Biometrics can be used to confirm the personal identity for border control, Airport passenger processing, check-in/boarding, and Airport access control to improve security, efficiency and facilitation. There are five main different modes in which automated personal identification by bio-metrics is used at airports:

  • The influx of arriving passengers can clearly be monitored and controlled by Immigration officials through bio-metric-automated gates without a passport or other identity recognition if they have been enrolled in a pre-approved database.
  • Departing passengers can receive faster security screening for check-in process if enrolled in a biometric database following background checks.
  • Airline crew members can also use bio-metric recognition for controlling access to the secure air-side.
  • Airport employees gain access to restricted areas within airports such as maintenance facilities, baggage handling, and the tarmac through bio-metric recognition.
  • Arriving passengers may be screened against a watch-list database and if they are considered dangerous by previous criminal records, can be expelled even before they step into the country.


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